About the clinic

This concept gave an opportunity to see perfection in every human being, it allowed to treat every person as a perfect creature, a flawless being.

We are the ultimate recourse, as we don’t treat one tooth, but rather diagnose, examine and rehabilitate the whole masticatory system. We find new position for the lower jaw in which all the muscles that lead to increased dental abrasion, are in balanced rest position; we restore the lost lower face height, which gives the face youthful and calm look. This position shapes patient’s new life and defines the quality of his/her life for many decades to come!

I like that in this line of work we help people every single day, making their world more perfect – all the while doing something we love.

It’s an incredible feeling to see a sincere expression of happiness on a patient’s face when the job’s done. This is what inspires us to continue working.

We use all of the most state-of-the-art and innovative methods and materials available in the world.

I believe that a good doctor should love his patients, be scrupulous, study a lot and work a lot. This is why our team includes the best doctors in this country who use team work and do their job for patients’ benefit.

We unravel a tangle of failures related to past dental treatments, which is why we are the ultimate recourse for our patients.

In order to address these issues, my clinic employs a number of specialists from related fields.

We are looking forward to seeing you at your appointment!