KONNIKOV OLEG VIKTOROVICH – orthopaedist, gnathologist


Orthopaedist, gnathologist

Practicing since 2002.

More about the doctor

Konnikov Oleg Victorovich is Board Certified in Dentistry, orthopaedist and implantologist; he handles temporomandibular joint dysfunctions and microprosthodontics, dental prosthetics for partial or complete edentia. He uses only the most state-of-the-art systems in his work, along with the latest innovations in dentistry. Oleg Victorovich is a highly-qualified specialist in gnathology and neuromuscular dentistry. He is Channel One’s dental expert on the show “10 Years Yonger”.

Fields of specialization:

  • fixed prosthodontics
  • orthopaedic dentistry;
  • gnathology;
  • total prosthetic treatment;
  • aesthetic prosthetic treatment;
  • microprosthodontics;
  • non-fixed overdenture;


1996-2001 – A.I.Evdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry;

2001-2002 – Internship training, Dental Polyclinic №56, speciality – “Orthopaedic dentistry”;

2002-2003 – Clinical residency, Medical Centre at the Administration Office of the President of Russian Federation, specialty – “Orthopaedic dentistry”.

Further training

2004 – training course “Modern technologies in endodontics”;

2009 – training course by Kavo Dental “Use of articulator devices and functional diagnostics systems for treatments of dental patients”, Saint-Petersburg;

2011 – training course “Craniomandibular dysfunction. Occlusion’s part in development, diagnosis and treatment”;

2012 – workshop “Instrumental procedures of diagnostics and treatment of dysfunctional states of craniomandibular system (condilography)”, Moscow;

2011-2013 – exclusive training course in gnathology under Prof. Slavicek’s supervision.

Professional activities

2008 – International Congress “Quintessence”;

2010 – Nobel Biocare International Symposium, New York (USA);

2010 – International Conference “45 years of osteointegration”;

2011 – VI International Implantology Congress “Modern and classic techniques in daily implantology practice”;

2012 – Conference “Interdisciplinary approach of mandibular THERAPEUTIC POSITION in oral rehabilitation”, Vienna (Austria);

2012 – I International Congress “Aesthetics in orthopaedic dentistry and implantology”, Madrid (Spain).

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