Dental therapist

Practicing since 2003

More about the doctor

Alena Anatolyevna is a top-level specialist, who has been giving her patients a reason to smile happily for more than 10 years.

Fields of specialization

  • Dental care, periorestorative treatment, professional oral cavity cleaning, teeth whitening.
  • Treatment of caries-causing and non-caries cavities of dental tissues, any type of pulpitis and periodontitis.
  • Aesthetic restoration of anterior area and functional restoration of posterior group of teeth by using light cured composite resin cement.
  • Use of endodontic motor with Ni-Ti tools for the work on root canals.
  • Use of ultrasound for endodontic dental treatments.
  • Use of kofferdam for better sterility conditions during dental treatments.
  • Professional hygienic oral cavity cleansing by means of various procedures.
  • Professional teeth whitening with the help of Zoom system


1998 – 2003 – Novosibirsk State Medical Academy

Further training

Diplomas and certificates since year 2

Main latest achievements

  • 2003-2004 – Internship training at Novokuznetsk State Institute for Physicians Postgraduate Training
  • 2014 – Novosibirsk State Medica University, specialization – therapeutic dentistry
  • 2016 – training course “Enamel” on restoration of posterior and anterior teeth, as well as many other training courses on endodontics and restorations; course on periodontics (non-surgical debridement) from Chicago Study Centre


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